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June 3, 2019

With the Cadillac XT4 Media Launch Event punctuating our projects last season, we wrapped up this season in a completely different way.  It's always such a wonderful gift to catch up with longtime clients who have become friends through the years and not only still be entrusted with their ongoing photography, but also with updating images when the time comes to rebrand.

Spring 2019 had us starting off with getting our hands dir...

September 15, 2018

As our shoot dates approached, we kept a close eye on the weather and the threatening forecast for the Seattle area. This was one of those times where we had no choice but to make the most of things as the events were scheduled long beforehand and there was no option for backup weather days. As we began what was supposed to be our "tech-scout" day, we saw openings in the sky that looked promising and decided to procure an XT4...

April 16, 2018

Sometimes serendipitous and spontaneous things happen that help a project get etched into a memory. Such was the case last month when I had the pleasure of shooting stills and video assets in L.A. for Cadillac of Europe. The project came down rather quickly and we didn't really know how the details might unfold until a couple of days before... or so I thought.

Our first shoot day was tasked with shooting editorial images of the...

February 2, 2018

It is always an amazing thing to watch someone's dreams and hard work come to reality.  After hearing about this new drink one of our friends was developing that has been rumored to be a "hangover cure", it was quite an awesome experience to witness and document the first run of CHASEit"s Legend Lime, Berry Blizzard, and Orange Splash.  From mixing the formulas in shiny steel vats, through bottle formation, filling, capping, l...

October 18, 2017

Man, this was such a cool experience. At the end of September, Ted Kristensen and I flew into NYC and had a day to explore and get some images related to this wonderful event before departing on our adventure across this great country of ours.

This event was a ride and drive event created to give different groups of journalists the opportunity to experience the new Super Cruise feature developed by Cadillac that allows hands fr...

June 27, 2017

Well, It was a busy couple of weeks. One project in Mammoth led to another back to back project heading out to Las Vegas. It was a Wednesday night when I left Mammoth and one amazing crew behind to drive through the night. Finally got home at 3AM with a little help from Makenna driving. Got up again at 7AM to head to the meeting spot for this road trip. I accompanied a great group of journalists as the "pool photographer" who...

March 22, 2017

Though it would never be as profound as 40 days of insight, solitude, and self-awareness, I seized the opportunity to journey to the Desert last week in my own version of Lenten observance and quest for a “reality check”. Admittedly, it was more of an escape from the cacophony of “fake news”, fake truths, hypocrisy, and the divisiveness of politics, mainstream, and social media. This year has facilitated more chaos and disturb...

March 15, 2017

-I've always been intrigued by the history that can be found wasting away in our deserts. From abandoned mines and decaying ghost towns that were once a mecca of dreams and prosperity, to the stark and windswept trails of pioneers who traversed lands out west in hopes of a new beginning.

-After infinite adventures in the skies and touching down in many lands, these monolithic relics have found their final resting spot in the a...

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About me

Perhaps it began with those first early morning rays spilling across a golden landscape on a road trip to Montana.  As a young boy from California, I picked up my dad's camera from the floor of the '71 VW Bus and rolled down the window. Buffeting against the wind and chill to focus the lens, I hoped to capture the wonder, the magnificence of the distant plains, hills and mountains before I missed that quality of light that had me in awe. Satisfaction was NOT instant as the film would not be processed until a few thousand miles and 10 days later upon my return to California. Perhaps my love for light was already in my DNA… influenced by the "eye" of my art director father, my mother's creativity, and my grandparents' joy, optimism for life, and passion for adventure and travel.


Embedded in my very fiber, I share the legacy of these gifts with my children. My education in photography began by visiting sets and locations with my dad and then working with one of the premier automotive photographers while in high school. Earning my BFA in Photography from Art Center College of Design, I began my career among advertising agencies and design firms honing my skills specifically in automotive photography. As the business has evolved, so has my knowledge, technique, and methods of execution. My spectrum of client projects include automotive, landscape, product, lifestyle, architecture, and CGI backgrounds and captures. My experience with productions of all sizes has given me a unique understanding on the needs of both the agency and client, and has refined my skills in the developments of film manipulation, digital imaging and output, HDR images, and Photoshop.


Some of the locations I have had the opportunity to build memories at include France, England, Morocco, Spain, Italy, Germany, Australia, and countless other regions. Logging many miles in the air and yet more by car, I continue to explore the many unique corners and diverse change of scenery here in “the States”. I remain hopeful that if I can get my kids to look out the window and put down the iPads for a second, they too may witness that grandeur and continue the legacy with love for light.



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