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Cadillac 2017: Las Vegas Road Trip and V-Performance Academy

Well, It was a busy couple of weeks. One project in Mammoth led to another back to back project heading out to Las Vegas. It was a Wednesday night when I left Mammoth and one amazing crew behind to drive through the night. Finally got home at 3AM with a little help from Makenna driving. Got up again at 7AM to head to the meeting spot for this road trip. I accompanied a great group of journalists as the "pool photographer" who were trading Cadillacs off for a "ride and drive event" to Vegas. It was well organized and I worked with some great people who coordinated it and some great car prep guys who were willing to go out with me and do some quick guerilla style grabs as a spectacular Vegas sunset yielded to a saturated neon darkness. After watching this fun group put these Caddies to the test and shooting as much as I could in a day and a half, I barely caught my flight out on Friday afternoon. Returning home, I realized between Monday AM and Friday night I'd only gotten 12-13 hours of sleep. I'm getting too old for this s*@t but was still able to yield some fun images that give a good insight into our little road trip.

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