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Cadillac XT4 Media Launch: Seattle September 2018

As our shoot dates approached, we kept a close eye on the weather and the threatening forecast for the Seattle area. This was one of those times where we had no choice but to make the most of things as the events were scheduled long beforehand and there was no option for backup weather days. As we began what was supposed to be our "tech-scout" day, we saw openings in the sky that looked promising and decided to procure an XT4 and take advantage of even the slightest windows of opportunity. We also had 2 presentations and events with Cadillac President Steve Carlisle and some of the chief engineers and designers of the XT4 that we were honored to cover (shooting in ambient light since we shared duties with a video crew and couldn't use strobes). It was great to see the genuine passion and pride held by Mr. Carlisle and each of the engineers and designers as they shared their perspectives, enthusiasm, and insights relating to their "baby" SUV and the new chapters that lay ahead for Cadillac. We were able to enjoy the "greenery" and some stunning land and seascapes of Washington State and the greater Seattle area. Needless to say, with two trim levels , the Cadillac executives, approximately 80 journalists, and lots of miles to cover with driving routes there was a lot that needed to be photographed with tight deadlines while dodging some rain and weather. Overall, we lucked out with about 3.5 exhaustive days (and nights) of shooting beauty shots, action shots, presentation/event/experiential shots. We were even fortunate enough to load our largest grouping of XT4's to board the ferry back to Seattle and capture them together as they boarded and departed. Jake and I yielded about 6000 images that I was then tasked to cull through and edit.

None of these images would have been possible without being entrusted by GM/Cadillac, the attention to every detail by the Kovert Creative team, the awesome coordination of TNT Drives' Mike Sweeney and crew, some awesome driving skills and adaptive patience by Erik Kelly, the endurance and perseverance of my trusted college bound "second shooter" Jake, and (once she could be pulled away from her real job) the much overlooked skills and support of my "camera car" driver Therese. Here are some of the final selects that we moved forward with in this album meant to be a tribute to the hard work and dedication of all those who made this a memory-filled success. Thanks again everyone!

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