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Dirty Hands, A Manicure, and Finger-Licking Bites: Spring 2019 Photography Projects

With the Cadillac XT4 Media Launch Event punctuating our projects last season, we wrapped up this season in a completely different way. It's always such a wonderful gift to catch up with longtime clients who have become friends through the years and not only still be entrusted with their ongoing photography, but also with updating images when the time comes to rebrand.

Spring 2019 had us starting off with getting our hands dirty with grit under our nails. Our shoot for Kellogg Garden Products along with their subsidiary G&B Organics gave us a chance to dig holes and replenish the soil with organic nutrients as we shot at one of our favorite target rich locations... the Los Angeles Arboretum. With it's sprawling and diverse grounds, the Arboretum always offers such wonderful backgrounds for the diversity of products and vignettes we are tasked with facilitating. Our timing worked out well as it was one of the first warm weekends we'd had after a succession of storms finally made Southern California green again with abundant blooms and brought us out of our long drought. Kellogg is a family owned business that is committed to Organic Gardening and making the world a better place through education, organic compliance, philanthropy, and by formulating and producing restorative and enriching soils with natural nutrients. More about the Kellogg legacy and commitment can be found here:

In the wake of our Kellogg and G&B shoot, it was definitely time to get cleaned up with a manicure. As another wave of rain rolled in, we went in to the studio to refresh product images with a new hip look to match the updated logo and packaging designs for our friends at Young Nails. This family owned business has expanded over the past 20 years exporting to over 40 countries worldwide and distributing domestically to over 3000 stores. They have a such a great global following as respected leaders and innovators in their industry along with such a wonderful story ( that I'm ever grateful to play even the smallest role I've been able through our collaborations.

After ensuring our hands were sufficiently clean through our treatments with the Young Nails products, we embarked on a savory adventure. Creating images for Sugar Me Dessert Bar, we played with mud pies, delicious fillings, and batters but didn't have to lick the spoon or scrape the bowl. Blending love and passion, proprietor Debra Castillo also adds her artistic flair to elevate her tested recipes to another level by making certain the final presentation of her creations are as good looking as they are tasty.

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